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OSHF 2017 Professional Development Day

Friday, November 3rd
Thornhill, Ontario
Le Parc Banquet Centre

Registration for this event is now closed.
We look forward to seeing you at the next OSHF professional development opportunity. 

Ontario Society for Health and Fitness is pleased to host a special interim Professional Development Day in Autumn 2017.  The event is to act as a stand-in for OSHF's 10th Annual Conference, which has been pushed forward until the new year.  The 2017 PD Day will provide a platform for OSHF members and associates to meet their certification CEC requirements and a meaningful opportunity for quality knowledge translation.  Both hands-on and lecture-style sessions are being offered (see SCHEDULE below) along with an excellent chance to network through the day's unique closing activities.


CSEP 12.5 PDC    CATA 2.8 CEU    canfitpro 3 FIS 3 PTS 1 HWL    OFC 8 CEC

Event At-A-Glance 

 9:00-10:00  Participant sign-in
 10:00-10:10  Welcome remarks
 10:10-10:50  Get Ahead of the Curve with an Ounce of Prevention: The critical role of fitness professionals in the community
 Valerie Skeffington
 10:50-11:00  Session transition


 (concurrent sessions)  

 Low Back Pain & Physical Activity
John-David Kato
 Creating an Effective Warm-Up**
 Andrew Barr
 11:50-12:40  Lunch


 (concurrent sessions)

 What ‘Sup? Supplementation for building better  muscles
 Daniel Moore
 Balance Basics and Beyond: Health & wellness screening, rehabilitation  and high performance training**
 Peter Hrkal [ALL SPOTS FULL]
 13:30-13:40  Session transition
 (concurrent sessions)
 Neuromuscular exercises to reduce symptoms of hip  and knee osteoarthritis
Agnes Makowski 
 Active Play: Fitness Can Be Fun**
 Christopher Wilson
 14:30-14:40  Session transition
 14:40-15:20  Chronic Disease Management – DŒs Sex and Gender Matter?
 Faith Delos-Reyes
 15:20-15:30  Session transition
 15:30-16:15  Audience Consultation: Supporting Physical Activity Professionals
To be followed by OSHF's Annual Members' Business Meeting
** Denotes an active session. Participants must submit a completed PAR-Q+ clearing them for unrestricted activity. Appropriate dress and footwear is required; an exercise mat is strongly recommended.

Session Overviews

Get Ahead of the Curve with an Ounce of Prevention: The critical role of fitness professionals in the community
Valerie Skeffington ⋅ BPHE, RKin, CSEP-CEP 

The Baby Boomer generation continues to be a driving force in our communities both economically and socially. A powerful source of influence, the aging demographic has the potential to financially burden younger generations through the impact of unhealthy behaviours. Community-based fitness programs play a critical role in mitigating the impact of Boomers on Canada's health infrastructure, elevating the fitness professional to a key player in the prevention realm. As advocates and facilitators, fitness professionals have a unique opportunity to enable the behaviours that keep communities healthy and enhance secondary and tertiary prevention efforts in a non-medical environment. How to build community capacity through simple behaviour change strategies and a review of best practice guidelines for all prevention levels will be the focus of this talk.


Low Back Pain & Physical Activity
John-David Kato ⋅ DC, MSc, CSEP-CEP, CDE
Chronic lower back pain affects 80% of the population at some point during their lives, ranging from mere annoyance to at times, a debilitating condition. This session will review the risk factors behind common causes of low back pain, what current research says about physical activity and low back pain, and what we can do as exercise professionals to help those suffering.

Creating an Effective Warm-Up**
Andrew Barr ⋅ MFSc, CSCS
The term "warm-up" has evolved from a general description of muscle temperature to now include numerous movement strategies designed to improve tissue quality, and to prepare both mind and muscle to perform optimally throughout a physical activity training session. This hands-on presentation will review soft tissue work, flexibility and mobility exercises, dynamic movements, and specific warm-up techniques that are relevant for athletes and recreational exercisers alike.


What ‘Sup? Supplementation for building better muscles
Daniel Moore ⋅ PhD
This session will summarize contemporary research outlining the role both common and emerging nutrition supplements play in enhancing the repair and remodeling of muscle protein after exercise. Topics will include nutritional synergies and the impact of aging on supplement efficacy.

Balance Basics and Beyond: Health & wellness screening, rehabilitation and high performance training**
Peter Hrkal ⋅ DC, MScRS, BKin
This session will explore the current scientific and evidence-based practice of using balance as both an assessment tool and exercise intervention for clients of all ages, condition and ability. The presentation will introduce the concepts of balance test metrics to provide objective, measurable and quantifiable scores to track individual progress and function. Additionally, examples of balance tests and exercise progressions will be provided to make participants comfortable with administering and scoring balance exercises.


Neuromuscular exercises to reduce symptoms of hip and knee osteoarthritis
Agnes Makowski ⋅ BScPT, MScPT BA, FCAMPT, SPC
Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease that often affects the hip and knee joints. For many, it starts in their 30s and 40s and can give rise to muscle degeneration and loss of confidence in movement, causing those affected to become less physically active. This session will teach neuromuscular exercises that have been shown to address these muscle changes and increase the stability of the joints, resulting in a reduction of symptoms and increased participation in exercise and physical activity.

Active Play: Fitness Can Be Fun**
Christopher Wilson ⋅ BPHE
The role of Active Play in developing key physical and social skills in children and youth is well-established. Given its importance, the Canadian Intramural Recreation Association of Ontario (CIRA) believes that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in athletic and recreational activities, regardless of ability or fitness level. Learn how to use fun games to disguise the many concepts of fitness and have your client groups – young and old alike – loving to get exercise. This hands-on workshop will have you excited to “play” with fitness.

Chronic Disease Management – DŒs Sex and Gender Matter?
Faith Delos-Reyes ⋅ BPHE, RKin
It is well established that both men and women develop chronic conditions that can lead to cardiovascular disease (CVD). Heart disease and stroke is the leading cause of death among women in Canada. There has been a decline in CVD mortality in both men and women, but the burden of CVD and heart attacks is growing in younger women (<55). In addition to known biological sex differences, there are emerging female-predominant risk factors to consider. But do gender roles, social norms and expectations ascribed to women also matter? This presentation will provide an overview of the sex and gender differences of chronic diseases.

Audience Consultation: Supporting Physical Activity Professionals
To be followed by OSHF's Annual Members' Business Meeting
Both health- and performance-related exercise practitioners, along with their peers in allied health positions, play an expanding and increasingly visible role in modern society.  Do the support structures presently in place for such practitioners - yourselves - adequately meet professional needs?  OSHF is changing.  We want your input as to how the organization can transform itself and fill the gaps that hinder advancement in the field.  This is set to be a highly interactive session where the audience will network with their neighbours and take part in constructive small group activities.

Event Location

 Greater Toronto Area – Le Parc Banquet Centre


Le Parc Banquet Centre
8432 Leslie St
Thornhill, ON
(GTA – Hwy 7 & 404)
L3T 7M6



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General Information 

Clearance to participate → ALL registrants must bring to the event a completed PAR-Q+ or ePARmed-X+.  Print and online versions are available at http://eparmedx.com or http://www.csep.ca/view.asp?ccid=517

Attire → Attendees should dress appropriately for exercise, including standard athletic footwear.

Exercise mat → A yoga-style or other portable exercise mat is required to fully participate in all practical sessions. Bring one!

 A sandwich and salad buffet will be set up from 11:50 to 12:40.  Participants should inform OSHF of any dietary restrictions on their registration form.  

Parking → Ample free outdoor parking is available on site.  


Contact OSHF Membership and Event Services at (888) 990-9404 or membership@oshf.ca